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What is Oxy-Gen®?

Where do ideas for our products come from? Experts in the field! We develop relationships with people who have decades of experience in their areas. We get to know them. We ask them what they do to prepare an animal for a show or event. We take their expert knowledge, and develop products to meet their needs, and make their animals even better.

We combine animal nutrition, animal husbandry, and feed manufacturing know how to develop each and every product we make. We know that a good product won’t live up to its potential if an animal doesn’t eat it. That’s why each and every OXY-GEN product is first formulated to be very palatable.

Once we know what the animal will eat, we then use modern technology to manufacture a high quality, state of the art product. With decades of feed manufacturing experience, we know how to make a high quality, premium product like OXY-GEN. While most of the technologies used require hundreds of horsepower to run, we also know that the human touch is something that neither we, nor any of our competitors can purchase. It is the human touch that makes all of the difference in the products you buy.

Our success comes as any lasting success should: one satisfied customer at a time.

Does Oxy-Gen have any chemicals or drugs in their products?

We take great pride in being able to formulate, package, and sell supplements that are natural, safe and drug-free. Our customers use Oxy-Gen with the assurance that our supplements never lead to disqualifications due to pharmaceutical or banned substances. We BUILD Champions—we don’t drug them.


Jason and Ashley from OXY-GEN NJ

Jason and Ashley from OXY-GEN NJ

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