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Oxy-Max™ is from the manufacturer of the original Oxy-Gen® formula. Oxy-Gen® customers have won every major livestock show in the USA, and our commitment to developing the best supplements is a significant factor that drives the success of Champions across America.

A Supplement Developed with Ed and Martha Wright

Oxy-Max was developed in conjunction with Ed and Martha Wright, and their testing has shown dramatic improvements in their horses across the board. Oxy-Max balances stomach pH and utilizes a select group of vitamins, minerals, yeasts, and probiotics which act in concert to create the optimum environment for proper digestion, improving your horse’s health and cutting your feed costs. It also has the effect of helping your horse become more focused and easier to train.

Get the Disposition You’re Looking For!

When your horse is feeling good and not hindered by digestive issues, they become more attentive, have a better attitude, and are more receptive to training and learning. Oxy-Max is safe, natural and drug free and is so effective, it is endorsed by Ed and Martha Wright.


Oxy-Max™ comes in two convenient sizes— 60-day and 150-day.